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Here's what rhymes with leukemia.

anemia uremia academia toxaemia hyperemia bacteremia polycythemia septicemia hyperglycemia hypoglycemia hypercalcemia hypocalcemia

Consider these alternatives

myeloid / nonmyeloid diagnosed / most pancreatic / dramatic marrow / narrow tumor / consumer ovarian / agrarian chemotherapy / therapy anemia / leukemia fibrosis / diagnosis cystic / characteristic tumour / tumor rheumatoid / avoid sclerosis / diagnosis diabetes / treaties tuberculosis / roses lung / from testicular / particular chronic / economic cirrhosis / diagnosis acute / group diseases / increases complications / relations disease / these thyroid / parathyroid

Words that almost rhyme with leukemia

vaccinia myasthenia delphinia neurasthenia schizophrenia

media regia sepia multimedia hemophilia paraplegia haemophilia hypermedia cyclopaedia cyclopedia hemiplegia encyclopedia encyclopaedia quadriplegia
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