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Here's what rhymes with sclerosis.

cirrhosis ptosis meiosis scoliosis prognosis fibrosis necrosis thrombosis acidosis hypnosis neurosis psychosis cyanosis mitosis halitosis diagnosis apoptosis apotheosis symbiosis sarcoidosis arteriosus phagocytosis amyloidosis aponeurosis leukocytosis psychoneurosis erythematosus arteriosclerosis hydronephrosis mononucleosis misdiagnosis metempsychosis

Consider these alternatives

rheumatoid / avoid diabetes / treaties fibrosis / diagnosis schizophrenia / anemia autoimmune / toimmune cystic / characteristic neurological / logical diagnosed / most leukemia / anemia degenerative / generative neurodegenerative / generative osteoporosis / tuberculosis disease / these spinal / final erythematosus / diagnosis rheumatism / given chronic / economic

Words that almost rhyme with sclerosis

doses ferocious poses atrocious sofas novas noshes moshes precocious cosmoses imposes mimosas samosas supernovas reimposes pavlovas superimposes

focus notice locus bonus hostess lotus bogus bolus foetus modus polis loess poetess lowness bolas colas togas goalless poets hopeless homeless slowness doughnuts poultice sarcomas soulless boneless crocus cupolas refocus donuts kopeks toneless coronas hotness docents roebucks cloacas moments opponents boldness coldness rodents locusts remoteness embolus nobleness proneness grownups smokeless gladiolus holdups blowups foments drollness proponents dichotomous condolence cacophonous weaponless snowbanks sobriquets chiropodists pianolas violists components exponents quotients deponents elopements enrollments enrolments honeylocusts encroachments cosmogonists enthronements postponements
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