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Here's what rhymes with ions.

lions baryons dandelions carnelians

Consider these alternatives

molecules / schools ion / lion hydroxide / dioxide hydrogen / nitrogen sulfate / sulphate molecule / rule electrolyte / right salts / towards sodium / opium carbonate / late nuclei / by inorganic / organic oxidize / size iodide / side hydroxyl / will oxidation / operation particle / article

Words that almost rhyme with ions

science faience alliance triumph reliance defiance appliance compliance omniscience misalliance pseudoscience noncompliance

islands idols sirens vials widens dials heightens ices lichens ripens lightens likens tightens hyphens idylls siphons titans bisons idles idyls naiads syphons livens hymens arises cycles rises sizes titles trials diamonds horizons rifles rivals vices arrivals highlands finals frightens guises libels brightens bibles pariahs sidles vinyls mynahs mynas pinyons wises prices prizes slices environs hybrids spices trifles denials fibrils spirals stipends bridles enlightens menials stifles dahlias enlivens messiahs papayas hydras rupiahs bridals devices disciples entitles revivals survivals cotyledons recitals nightclubs recycles vaginas incises retrials sanitise reprisals summarises camellias marquises jeremiads precises mistrials exercises comprises emphasizes benefices minimizes motorcycles kilocycles paradises dicotyledons semifinals socializes antivirals exorcises mesmerizes pulverizes polarises vitalises recognizes symbolizes specializes stabilizes improvises patronizes polymerizes economizes hypnotizes galvanizes reanalyses circumcises characterizes metabolizes monocotyledons reemphasizes destabilizes familiarises soliloquises revolutionizes particularises
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