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Here's what rhymes with burn.

turn earn urn tern churn rne learn stern fern adjourn yearn spurn return discern quern upturn sauterne overturn nocturne concern taciturn subaltern unconcern

Consider these alternatives

burns / terms fires / requires loot / group smoke / spoke fire / higher destroy / boy tear / their flame / same kill / will extinguish / distinguish lit / it torches / supportive embers / members away / way wound / found brush / of die / by bury / very blaze / days heat / feet treat / feet dry / eye them / then ignite / might you / to enough / does incense / sense treated / needed let / said absorb / short debris / be wood / would consume / whom smell / well pile / while able / table wo / no

Words that almost rhyme with burn

term germ terme berm perm firm sperm worm therm affirm corm infirm squirm confirm reaffirm isotherm wheatgerm endosperm angiosperm reconfirm gymnosperm
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