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Here's what rhymes with bury.

dairy airy cherry berry tarry parry tare barre eyrie terry aerie aery very vary marry fairy merry ferry prairie wary hairy sherry harry nary faerie wherry scary ternary pessary apiary literary dietary estuary honorary canary remarry unwary aviary equerry bilberry topiary military ordinary temporary monetary capillary solitary urinary adversary cemetery sanitary unitary budgetary emissary itinerary mortuary obituary papillary savagery statuary bacillary beriberi breviary buffoonery legionary actuary humeri lapidary elderberry necessary secondary secretary arbitrary customary missionary pulmonary commentary coronary dictionary hereditary imaginary monastery sanctuary stationary judiciary legendary momentary pituitary visionary ancillary corollary dysentery mercenary planetary salutary sedentary seminary veterinary apothecary commissary fiduciary funerary stationery cautionary centenary dignitary luminary tutelary cassowary dromedary huckleberry subsidiary maxillary pecuniary tributary culinary sanguinary epistolary unsanitary diversionary insanitary voluptuary nonliterary contemporary preliminary unnecessary vocabulary beneficiary disciplinary fragmentary involuntary proprietary reactionary functionary deflationary probationary supernumerary nonmilitary recessionary bicentenary tercentenary evolutionary discretionary inflationary expansionary genitourinary paramilitary concessionary eleemosynary geostationary extraordinary revolutionary exclusionary confectionery expeditionary interplanetary constabulary undersecretary elocutionary interdisciplinary cardiopulmonary multidisciplinary counterrevolutionary

Consider these alternatives

buried / married burying / varying cremate / teammate stoke / spoke dig / big cemetery / very mourn / form bodies / copies dispose / those dead / said cremated / calcinated grave / gave exhume / room grieving / leaving dug / drug reburied / buried

Words that almost rhyme with bury

belly jelly deli telly allele smelly underbelly vermicelli

any barely petty penny eddy jetty teddy bevy edgy jenny many heavy ready entry fairly rarely steady semi deadly envy gentry levy heady levee messy belfry deathly pebbly tempi testy breathy dressy espy faery pesky kepi leggy recce sedgy veggie twenty empty healthy gently plenty wealthy lengthy densely fleshy antennae carefree deftly medley sentry sexy sketchy sweaty vestry gayety hefty stealthy fidgety tensely trendy thready lefty wetly already directly especially scarcely freshly frenzy squarely spaghetti unfairly unsteady coquetry fleshly halfpenny machete hostelry aplenty libretti maidenly adeptly effendi preciously woodenly assembly friendly correctly intensely epilepsy immensely unhealthy intently sullenly confetti deviancy marquetry ineptly elementary indirectly expressly apoplexy excellency grotesquely sacredly baronetcy catalepsy incorrectly unfriendly complexly reassembly penitently complementary narcolepsy cognoscenti confusedly ambivalently circumspectly equivalently
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