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Here's what rhymes with dug.

bug jug tug pug chug tog ugh drug kg plug hug rug mug lug thug trug shrug slug smug snug debug unplug firebug jitterbug ladybug mealybug fireplug shutterbug litterbug hearthrug doodlebug

Consider these alternatives

dig / big excavated / dated ditches / religious rubble / double buried / married unearthed / first pits / its underneath / these piles / miles trench / end beneath / these mud / but excavation / information excavate / state mounds / pounds deep / keep bodies / copies archaeologists / sociologists debris / be ditch / which muddy / study uncovered / covered underground / ground

Words that almost rhyme with dug

duck buck chuck tuck ak puck luck stuck truck fuck noch pluck suck muck neque chaque hac ruck shuck vac yuk yuck struck amok snuck amuck cluck thwack schmuck sawbuck upchuck unstuck thunderstruck
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