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Here's what rhymes with absorb.

adsorb reabsorb

Consider these alternatives

absorbing / according absorbs / towards emit / which moisture / oyster consume / whom reduce / use assimilate / late penetrate / late able / table amounts / accounts mitigate / great withstand / hand amount / account dissipate / state enough / does soak / spoke compensate / state offset / set generate / late minimize / size survive / five sustain / main ability / possibility evaporate / late utilize / size heat / feet dioxide / peroxide grow / no repel / well produce / use ultraviolet / violet

Words that almost rhyme with absorb

short sort fort sword ford forge soared abhorred hoard horde sorte shored shirred court board afford fault port salt cord lord poured sport stored halt porch ward bored chord hauled roared scored torch vault ct gorge thwart tort warp gourd mort fhort fjord floored porte snort sward wart cored gored pored scorch warred assort floret spored torte gourde called support toward assault default resort aboard accord award bald escort walled adored basalt consort distort malt quart abort exhort stalled untoward athwart drawled fupport balled bawled deport disgorge galled mauled scald cavort succored brawled outscored trawled thralled walleyed desalt odored presort report record ignored import restored reward appalled crawled deplored implored overboard exalt sprawled underscored extort gestalt overlord scrawled uncalled comport contort squalled engorge skewbald transport installed recalled explored enthralled notochord overhauled checkerboard forecourt motherboard somersault paperboard davenport fiberboard nonsupport fibreboard weatherboard slumlord worrywart keelhauled thunderbolt unexplored harpsichord clavichord greensward storyboard fingerboard plasterboard centerboard misreport rerecord prerecord clapperboard smorgasbord

fob daub bedaub
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