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Here's what rhymes with totalitarian.

carrion librarian ovarian barbarian sectarian libertarian clarion sanitarian agrarian egalitarian proletarian trinitarian cnidarian authoritarian utilitarian vegetarian nonsectarian vulgarian antiquarian disciplinarian veterinarian octogenarian parliamentarian centenarian seminarian nonagenarian humanitarian communitarian valetudinarian latitudinarian septuagenarian sexagenarian

Consider these alternatives

authoritarian / agrarian regimes / seems dictatorial / editorial totalitarianism / given despotic / logic tyrannical / mechanical dictatorship / which ideology / quality communism / given regime / seem autocratic / democratic ideologies / qualities militaristic / characteristic authoritarianism / given theocratic / democratic socialism / given tyrant / island undemocratic / democratic nazism / fascism atheistic / characteristic reactionary / very despotism / given dictator / later isolationist / conservationist imperialism / given imperialist / materialist capitalism / given puritanical / mechanical

Words that almost rhyme with totalitarian

barium chameleon sanitarium aquarium honorarium planetarium vivarium nobelium

ferryman ferrymen lesbian thespian pedestrian equestrian vestrymen vestryman
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