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Here's what rhymes with dictatorial.

boreal editorial tutorial arboreal memorial pictorial corporeal equatorial categorial directorial sartorial purgatorial reportorial piscatorial advertorial territorial immemorial factorial gubernatorial senatorial incorporeal manorial curatorial janitorial lavatorial combinatorial inquisitorial professorial ambassadorial gladiatorial proprietorial conspiratorial seigniorial extraterritorial multifactorial

Consider these alternatives

autocratic / democratic authoritarian / agrarian despotic / logic tyrannical / mechanical totalitarian / librarian regimes / seems undemocratic / democratic dictatorship / which regime / seem dictator / later overthrowing / going overthrow / no authoritarianism / given reactionary / very despotism / given tyrant / island paternalistic / characteristic overthrown / known megalomaniac / back militaristic / characteristic imperious / serious hegemonic / chronic rule / tool unaccountable / accountable overthrew / you colonialist / neocolonialist

Words that almost rhyme with dictatorial

tonsorial bronchial myocardial primordial pericardial mitochondrial sportspeople
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