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Here's what rhymes with stub.

tub pub dub sub rub hub shrub cub snub nub club scrub grub

Consider these alternatives

ramp / land surcharge / large protruding / including appendage / prevented feathering / measuring gaster / after terminates / states centerline / line escalator / later fuselage / not discard / part stubby / study toes / those cashing / having toe / no wingtip / did spoilers / boilers loop / group antennae / many lip / it

Words that almost rhyme with stub

but up judge touch bud butt stud budge pup putt tut jut such what much blood cut cup flood mud shut hut gut nut nought sludge sup mot strut thud cud nudge rut slut wot abut adjudge drudge fudge mutt sloughed smudge smut trudge clutch grudge crutch glut rebut somewhat overmuch uncut begrudge workup insomuch undercut coconut

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