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Here's what rhymes with appendage.

Consider these alternatives

appendages / percentages affectation / operation protrusion / conclusion insubstantial / sample protrusions / institutions unimportant / important caudal / model snout / out obtuse / use afterthought / not superfluous / thus filiform / form impudent / student uninitiated / dated elongated / prolongated ingrate / great clownish / brownish

Words that almost rhyme with appendage

appended mended dented wended fended trended vended contended assented commended scented unattended vented expended lamented distended befriended demented indented repented unintended dissented portended unscented prevented consented transcended relented alimented ornamented regimented comprehended discontented circumvented disoriented reinvented unprecedented complemented complimented unrepresented misrepresented underrepresented

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