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Here's what rhymes with superfluous.

thus bus pus fuss mus muss plus truss beauteous discuss

Consider these alternatives

irrelevant / relevant unimportant / important unnecessary / very extraneous / spontaneous impractical / practical banal / alcohol implausible / plausible obsolete / feet afterthought / not unavoidable / avoidable anachronistic / characteristic illogical / logical trite / right unneeded / conceded idiotic / logic devoid / avoid cliched / made renders / members uneconomic / economic insubstantial / sample counterproductive / productive omit / which

Words that almost rhyme with superfluous

does love rough rush tough dove buff cuff hush lush puff buzz shove twas gush mush above enough stuff thereof brush crush flush whereof bluff blush glove snuff hereof plush schemas slough thrush gruff rebuff slush underbrush

once cuts flux pulse cups nuts ducks huts guts bucks butts cuffs puffs shuts pups ruts sucks months monks trucks ducts fronts pumps chunks cults jumps lumps bluffs bumps busts crux cusps dumps gusts hunts lusts repulse struts stuffs thrusts tufts tusks bunks dusts husks junks mumps pulps shunts results adults trunks trusts clumps adjusts crusts stumps corrupts disrupts drunks grunts stunts trumps woodcuts confronts insults obstructs constructs conducts instructs interrupts aqueducts coconuts consults
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