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Here's what rhymes with retake.

take bake make break lake sake wake cake shake stake brake opaque fake rake spake steak lakh betake remake drake earache hake shaikh shiitake awake snake flake quake slake mistake partake overtake bellyache clambake huarache undertake forsake rattlesnake blacksnake corncrake

Consider these alternatives

retaking / taking retook / book reclaim / same wrest / best seize / these retaken / taken regain / main repel / well reconquer / longer dislodge / not cede / need counterattack / back invade / made wrested / requested occupy / by regained / obtained relinquish / distinguish repelled / help overrun / one seizing / even reclaimed / range pacify / high regroup / group territory / story occupying / dying control / whole besiege / feet ceded / needed seized / least breakaway / way besieging / leading liberate / late vowed / out regaining / training offensive / extensive

Words that almost rhyme with retake

vague plague
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