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Here's what rhymes with dislodge.

lodge dodge pasturage fuselage

Consider these alternatives

topple / model repel / well retake / take unseat / feet wrest / best subdue / to eject / effect outmaneuver / user neutralize / size besieging / leading uproot / group besiege / feet isolate / late fend / end quell / well pacify / high obliterate / late detach / that remove / use repelled / help quash / off militiamen / listening regroup / group counterattack / back flush / of wipe / might reconquer / longer depose / those

Words that almost rhyme with dislodge

lot rod fraud wrought rob rot slot flawed fraught yacht defraud flop laud throb not thought brought got top broad hot job sought stop taught bought caught drop fought plot shop shot spot watch crop god pot mob pop dot knot nod blot chop clot cod cop cot hop knob naught notch prop sod swap taut tot trod trot bob distraught jot mod mop pod prod sawed shod sob wad watt abroad forgot facade squad atop applaud squat afterthought kilowatt

large charge discharge enlarge barge forge gorge
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