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Here's what rhymes with detach.

patch batch catch match attach despatch dispatch hatch latch thatch snatch scratch mismatch

Consider these alternatives

disengage / stage dissociate / disassociate disassociated / sociated insulate / late reposition / position reattach / that extricate / great unwrap / that eject / effect disassociate / dissociate attach / that dissociated / sociated decouple / double outmaneuver / user estrange / range divest / best disintegrate / great deform / form impale / male differentiate / state vaporize / size acclimate / late insinuate / bisinuate regenerate / late segregate / great consign / fine

Words that almost rhyme with detach

bad chap tap bat chat dad pad tab badge pat tat dab pap tad that had sat fat map cap cat gap hat mad rat sad lad lap trap cab lab mat wrap nap rap sap spat stab drab fad plaid rad stat vat begat bitmap brat hap matte plat flat glad clad flap grab slab snap crab slap strap clap crap grad scab habitat scrap diplomat overlap caveat autocrat rheostat handicap aristocrat democrat thermostat ironclad bureaucrat

branch ranch avalanche
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