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Here's what rhymes with occurs.

curs hers furs firs refers spurs recurs stirs blurs concurs incurs liqueurs seigneurs slurs prefers amateurs confers infers chauffeurs defers deters voyageurs connoisseurs saboteurs transfers entrepreneurs

Consider these alternatives

occur / her usually / unusually arises / prices arise / size uncommon / common varies / missionaries observed / first hence / sense species / subspecies grows / those decreases / increases whereas / has begins / since example / sample flowering / towering precipitation / education variation / relation takes / makes

Words that almost rhyme with occurs

curve curse girth birth serve worth nerve verse worse nurse purse turf averse berth dearth mirth surf coerce serf terse hearse verve unearth observe adverse perverse obverse immerse swerve diverse preserve reserve reverse deserve inverse conserve rebirth rehearse universe disperse disburse transverse reimburse stillbirth

girls curves curls curbs curds terms words birds firms turns nerves serves learns thirds verbs affirms burns germs herds pearls worms ferns sherds whorls terns yearns burghs hurls whirls observes worlds sperms swirls concerns returns reserves deserves confirms preserves discerns conserves disturbs
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