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Here's what rhymes with forsake.

sake shake fake hake shaikh make take lake wake cake snake stake bake rake spake steak flake lakh slake earache break awake brake opaque partake quake remake retake drake shiitake huarache mistake overtake betake bellyache blacksnake clambake corncrake undertake rattlesnake

Consider these alternatives

eschew / to forsaken / taken renounce / towns relent / went eschewing / doing forsook / book forego / go forsakes / makes forgo / go exhort / called eschewed / food betray / they succumb / some forsaking / making forswear / where disavow / how wherewithal / small hesitate / state denigrate / great misunderstand / hand discontinue / continue lest / best loathe / both consign / fine repent / went parochialism / given coddle / model condescend / went kowtow / bow acquiesce / less implore / your belittle / little outgrow / no proclivity / activity patronize / size eschews / whose shelve / self glorify / high

Words that almost rhyme with forsake

vague plague
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