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Here's what rhymes with relent.

rent lent went cent sent event meant bent tent repent scent vent resent dent pent prevent spent descent intent assent ascent dissent invent lament orient extent percent accent cement augment ferment represent consent president underwent discontent circumvent

Consider these alternatives

relented / prevented acquiesce / less forsake / sake acquiesced / best succumb / some capitulated / dated accede / need cowed / out budge / but persevere / will subside / side compel / well implore / your redouble / double materialize / size hesitate / state eventuate / accentuate loathe / both renounce / towns relinquish / distinguish consented / prevented loath / both renege / big cower / our suffice / price falter / order compelled / help begrudge / but oblige / right reappear / will acquiescence / presence

Words that almost rhyme with relent

lend rend wrench friend send tend trend bench bend blend trench dreamt mend penned fend attend depend spend defend descend intend revenge amend ascend offend avenge hemp hemmed quench stench temp extend pretend apprehend commend stemmed expend recommend contend dividend suspend transcend condemned comprehend superintend

left yet let rest lest elect erect leaped wrecked leapt wrenched wrest best effect get set felt kept met test west breast chest debt net threat arrest belt blessed checked dealt dressed guest pressed reject slept wet bet crest jet melt nest sect cleft crept guessed jest knelt pet sensed theft wept clenched drenched fetched pest vest zest blest decked deft fenced fret inept necked vet weft against next direct except respect correct text addressed affect helped reflect request select collect depressed detect impressed regret stepped stressed stretched swept assessed invest oppressed quest sweat beset dwelt entrenched repressed sketched unrest abreast adept attest flexed quenched refreshed reset tempt vexed beget behest bereft caressed deflect detest duet enmeshed infect inject shipwrecked smelt spelt accept attempt expect expressed perfect forget possessed protect commenced indirect intellect neglect cigarette connect dialect exempt incorrect offset professed suppressed upset distressed inspect progressed recollect bequest cassette digest dispensed obsessed cadet divest pipette preset redirect silhouette unchecked undressed subject suggest suspect architect compressed confessed northwest alphabet condensed southwest bayonet epithet intercept intersect outstretched parapet perplexed acquiesced clarinet quartet transept contempt manifest retrospect disconnect dispossessed disrespect circumspect
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