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Here's what rhymes with flashes.

lashes rashes slashes thrashes clashes crashes dashes caches sashes smashes mashes bashes cashes gnashes stashes trashes abashes calabashes

Consider these alternatives

flashing / having blinding / finding flash / as glow / no bright / right blinking / thinking punctuated / dated glare / their occasional / educational fleeting / meeting lights / rights burst / first flares / self beeps / needs shine / fine grin / in smile / mile momentary / very shone / own illuminated / stated smiles / miles displayed / trade flare / their glowing / going

Words that almost rhyme with flashes

wrasses lavish brasses basses hashish gasses harasses raffish brazes massive passive rapacious surpasses morasses amasses overpasses hourglasses impassive pugnacious underpasses demitasses

lashings thrashings axes badges lances lapses snatches hatches adzes wrappings apses thatches attaches glances landings trappings chattels rankings stances aphids waxes elapses faxes actives palings backings blanches manses rantings satchels stabbings prances sackings lambkins pralines mattins captives finances castings despatches dispatches romances collapses hangings relapses avalanches napkins plantings relaxes saplings detaches landfills mismatches passives standings ramblings anthills cracklings nuthatches pastilles spankings calcines lambskins menages reattaches enhances expanses handbills pickaxes samplings prolapses everlastings poleaxes recastings allegiances hamstrings parallaxes refinances battleaxes understandings misunderstandings
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