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Here's what rhymes with burst.

durst erst pursed first worst thirst cursed nursed versed immersed coerced dispersed reversed rehearsed disbursed conversed reimbursed interspersed

Consider these alternatives

bubble / double explosion / chosen exploded / noted broke / spoke ignited / decided crashing / having applause / laws tears / self flash / as into / to wave / gave roared / called loud / out fireball / small blew / you unleashed / least laughter / after tear / their fire / higher when / then flashes / massive crowd / out propelled / help boom / whom roar / or tore / or

Words that almost rhyme with burst

served curved unearthed observed deserved swerved preserved reserved unnerved conserved undeserved unobserved unreserved

burnt dirt jerked perched chert pert worked hurt shirt learnt searched lurked spurt cert curt girt lurched wort assert alert overt divert inert skirt avert dessert advert flirt exert insert researched revert usurped invert subvert reworked unhurt overworked reassert
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