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Here's what rhymes with explored.

lord yard roared lard hard board card guard cord poured sword ward barred bored chord ford marred soared bard charred gourd hoard horde fjord floored jarred tarred toward record regard afford reward stored aboard accord award scored adored deplored implored retard abhorred debarred scarred starred unexplored overlord sward ignored restored discard overboard boulevard untoward bombard disregard bodyguard underscored harpsichord

Consider these alternatives

explore / your explores / course explorations / relations possibilities / abilities themes / seems exploration / operation unexplored / called imagined / happened expeditions / conditions discussing / nothing ways / days documented / presented examine / planning expedition / position topic / logic debated / dated implications / relations theories / series perspectives / objectives investigated / indicated intriguing / speaking

Words that almost rhyme with explored

large sprawled drawled larch part called court heart short charge sort port sharp chart fort march cart porch bald hauled torch walled barge crawled dart forge garb gorge harp tort warp carp mart tart fart hart scrawled report support start apart fault salt recalled resort sport absorb depart halt smart enlarge starch vault appalled malt quart thwart abort stalled discharge assault default import installed escort impart basalt consort distort exhort rampart transport counterpart exalt thunderbolt

broad rod blond lodged longed robbed blonde trod wronged laud logged prod yawned beyond formed caused abroad bond charged belonged fond god warned alarmed carved fraud paused pond forged nod starved warmed barbed bombed charmed cod dawned flawed harmed sod stormed thronged wand applaud calmed clogged dogged donned farmed flogged horned mod mourned pod sawed shod sobbed spawned wad performed absorbed enlarged prolonged solved adorned deformed facade reformed squad adsorbed scorned unarmed catalogued defraud disarmed dislodged swarmed informed resolved respond dissolved evolved discharged conformed revolved absolved devolved unharmed involved correspond transformed uniformed unsolved unresolved uninformed
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