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Here's what rhymes with examine.

Consider these alternatives

evaluate / late analyze / size assess / less investigate / great reviewing / doing discuss / thus scrutinize / size whether / together explore / your inspect / effect identify / high decide / side explain / main analyse / size how / thou inquiry / highly review / you analyzing / rising investigated / indicated recommendations / relations evaluated / created reviewed / food should / would investigations / relations ways / days submit / which

Words that almost rhyme with examine

shamming hamming hanging damning fanning slamming jamming tannin cramming damming ramming lambing clamming spamming scamming scanning spanning banging banning canning tanning clanging manning haranguing panning defaming ganging tramming planning planing overhanging profaning diagraming japanning

hangmen hatpin lapin batmen lambkin sanguine napkin batsmen calcine lambskin catkin landsmen bandsmen backspin draughtsmen calfskin
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