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Here's what rhymes with entrench.

trench wrench bench wench quench stench

Consider these alternatives

perpetuate / late solidify / high legitimise / price legitimize / size enshrine / line fortify / high consolidate / state marginalizing / rising solidifying / dying institutionalize / institutionalise humiliate / late humanize / size redefine / design exacerbate / state demean / mean institutionalizing / lnstitutionalizing democratize / size reposition / position prolong / long assail / fail insulate / late agitate / state centralize / size perpetuates / states marginalize / size denigrate / great undermine / nine perpetuated / dated oppress / less professionalize / size relegate / great deprive / live undo / to consolidates / states despoil / toil underpin / been

Words that almost rhyme with entrench

rent trend lend lent blend rend went cent friend sent meant send tend bent bend tent scent vent dreamt mend penned dent fend pent gent percent event prevent spent attend depend spend defend descent intent assent descend intend pretend revenge amend ascend ascent dissent invent lament offend repent avenge hemp resent hemmed orient temp append befriend indent relent extent extend accent cement apprehend transcend underwent augment commend ferment stemmed expend entente represent consent president recommend comprehend contend dividend suspend condescend condemned discontent circumvent superintend misrepresent

wretch stretch fetch sketch
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