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Here's what rhymes with disk.

disc bisque risk brisk whisk frisk obelisk basilisk videodisk

Consider these alternatives

floppy / body disc / risk rom / on megabytes / rights cd / be mb / mm diskette / get gigabytes / rights compact / contact pc / he computer / future cassette / set processor / microprocessor bytes / rights file / while zip / it files / miles interface / face modem / open megabyte / might server / further herniated / dated cpu / you accretion / completion drive / live gigabyte / might

Words that almost rhyme with disk

pick ink pink chick eq tick tic chink dick ik ilk inc pic bilk jink think drink link milk sick thick brick silk stick sic sink trick zinc kick sich brink lick wink blink nick prick stink sync wick hich kink mink rink thinke vhich mic rick fink hick spic mick shtick spik schtick quick click shrink slick flick clink slink bethink aspic crick snick unpick rethink lunatic politic buttermilk bailiwick firebrick nonstick interlink handpick dropkick preshrink bolshevik countersink cufflink skinflick candlestick realpolitik
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