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Here's what rhymes with file.

aisle vile isle ile while style mile smile bile pile tile guile stile weil wile rile awhile alkyl defile revile abseil refile worthwhile beguile restyle misfile oenophile compile domicile difficile interfile reconcile peristyle anglophile mercantile crocodile

Consider these alternatives

files / miles complaint / range folders / soldiers application / education database / case pdf / death allows / house copy / body submit / which petition / position case / face disk / risk request / best suit / food information / education executable / suitable server / further paperwork / work web / said page / age irs / miles stored / called applications / relations click / quick documentation / operation microsoft / lost petitions / conditions

Words that almost rhyme with file

ire shire dire spire lyre mire afire tyre skier byre aspire squire quire rehire admire retire inspire expire perspire respire inquire reacquire tripwire retrofire
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