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Here's what rhymes with diffuse.

use loose disuse sluice yous effuse juice goose nous truce spruce moose noose deuce mousse coos puce schuss abuse reduce excuse induce deduce profuse reuse recluse seduce adduce disabuse unloose educe vamoose produce abstruse obtuse caboose papoose burnoose toques introduce conduce calaboose reproduce overproduce outproduce reintroduce catafalques

Consider these alternatives

diffused / used diffusing / using nebulae / they permeable / semipermeable diffuses / uses specular / regular dissipate / state amorphous / sources inflammation / information reflective / effective deflect / effect heterogeneous / genius molecules / schools ions / science dense / sense reactive / attractive polarization / organization lesions / reasons radiation / operation reflectivity / activity

Words that almost rhyme with diffuse

views youth lose roof fuse hues ewes rouge ruse defuse flues shrews fuze sleuth hews loos rues thews roues slues whose truth move news prove choose proof smooth shoes tooth aloof blues clues crews cruise cues dues groove screws booth misuse muse soothe sous bruise cheques coups disprove hoof infuse pews queues shews booze douche sooth sues twos woof chews disproof eschews glues stews zoos boos brews goof mews revues sews snooze spoof touche whoosh woos yews clews cruse igloos poof skews spews strews swoosh trews bemuse halloos moos poohs prevues schmooze shoos trues poos moues improve remove refuse approve reviews accuse amuse ensues disapprove sinews accrues overuse peruse renews enthuse imbues vermouth behoove suffuse setscrews hoodoos voodoos interviews avenues canoes confuse pursues reproof taboos uncouth bamboos fireproof overviews reprove tattoos untruth subdues shampoos aircrews chartreuse danseuse masseuse heatproof childproof shockproof unscrews eyetooth kazoos muumuus revenues residues waterproof worldviews construes barbecues soundproof weatherproof transfuse bombproof chanteuse flameproof ovenproof windproof bugaboos ingenues lightproof rainproof rustproof shatterproof barbeques buckaroos kangaroos bulletproof cockatoos curlicues corkscrews discotheques thumbscrews blabbermouth burglarproof motormouth misconstrues microgroove

roots fruits routes loops roofs flutes sloops flukes lutes sleuths loots groups troops disputes truths boots proofs suits shoots booths brutes dukes hoops solutes soups dupes refutes salutes troupes chutes coops hoots mutes scoops stoops whoops bruits droops newts roosts spooks swoops volutes coots coupes moots nukes toots drupes kooks poops scoots spoofs goofs pukes snoops stoups tuts disproofs poofs snoots woofs pursuits boosts imputes dilutes pollutes cheroots deputes uproots reboots taproots beetroots permutes recoups dybbuks galoots reputes reroutes acutes recruits grassroots absolutes rebukes untruths commutes persecutes reproofs cahoots confutes jackboots bodysuits attributes institutes computes executes parachutes paratroops prosecutes transmutes waterproofs gumboots bombproofs tracksuits prostitutes malamutes constitutes substitutes nincompoops recomputes cantaloups electrocutes reconstitutes
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