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Here's what rhymes with dense.

tense pence sense hence thence whence fence defence defense intense immense offence offense expense commence dispense incense suspense pretense condense sixpence recompense commonsense

Consider these alternatives

thick / sick vegetation / education undergrowth / growth fog / stock terrain / main trees / these lush / of underbrush / love humid / unit damp / hand surrounded / founded understory / story clump / and thin / in ridges / religious cloud / out scrub / but surrounding / founding

Words that almost rhyme with dense

tenth tens nth pens dens gens ens lens gems hens stems cleanse glens condemns theorems morphemes

else ex deaths debts checks tents chess decks jets pets tenths bets dents less press sex steps tests dress gets sets cents depths guess yes bless mess rents belts lets necks nets breaths chests desks pests temps scents specks steppes vents wrecks abbess chefs hex jests pelts refs reps vex events stress possess texts assess guests helps rests breasts scarce threats arrests directs nests sects melts attests cadets caress flex intents oppress upsets abs adepts begets codex descents sweats tempts thefts vests effects unless attempts affects impress lengths prevents suppress profess recess redress rejects bayonets epithets forgets repress clefts corrects crests depress detects elects finesse laments undress cassettes digests egress extents ferments invents perplex quests resents rosettes success express suggests distress respects accepts confess strengths cigarettes connects convex dialects expects protects suspects collects regrets selects acquiesce bequests coalesce consents invests alphabets authoress infects largesse minarets parapets penitents quartets reassess statuettes tempests vignettes represents reflects requests architects presidents neglects intellects intersects bottlenecks intercepts silhouettes transepts nonetheless manifests transgress discontents malcontents multiplex quadriceps nevertheless circumflex commonwealths
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