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Here's what rhymes with deported.

departed parted charted tarted started distorted disported farted reported supported exported thwarted smarted contorted comported transported reexported

Consider these alternatives

deportation / operation detained / obtained expelled / help deport / called extradited / decided apprehended / presented incarcerated / dated deporting / according freed / need repatriated / dated emigrate / great fled / said emigrated / dated jews / whose tortured / ordered deportations / relations jail / male citizenship / which deportees / these immigrated / dated visas / increases illegally / legally arrest / best executed / included prosecuted / routed interrogated / dated transported / supported persecuted / included persecution / solution exterminated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with deported

boarded portage torpid guarded shortage halted morbid sordid vaulted salted startup corded forded carded cartage lorded malted afforded awarded carpet cordage desalted regarded recorded unsalted

dotted torrid chortled portaged wanted adopted plotted startled darkened haunted shortened spotted horrid bargained blotted bottled bottomed trotted heartened parceled portioned lofted podded solid exhausted nodded prompted bonded pardoned accosted apportioned disheartened florid garland marveled mottled sparkled toppled clotted frosted jostled marshalled plodded stolid hearkened marshaled chorused coarsened dawdled wadded wattled boggled defrosted gourmand toddled toggled cottoned dockland gargled harkened joggled smartened sodded bobbled dowelled hardened modeled softened applauded broadened cautioned proportioned sharpened blossomed snarled cobbled garbled hobbled quarreled columned gobbled gravid marbled throttled waddled wobbled coddled cordoned warbled gardened goggled readopted waffled trowelled concocted squalid fondled foreshortened swaddled unprompted caryatid groveled nonplused reapportioned warmblooded hotblooded remodeled absconded semisolid squabbled swampland resharpened unhardened casehardened
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