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Here's what rhymes with deportations.

nations stations alterations rotations relations operations corporations locations formations occupations creations mutations temptations aberrations citations donations reparations deformations gradations iterations notations orations radiations importations irritations oblations altercations carnations flirtations gyrations legations ordinations situations variations foundations generations limitations obligations populations preparations aspirations correlations deviations plantations quotations adaptations allegations declarations decorations deliberations elevations orientations oscillations vibrations allocations connotations delegations imitations separations vacations annotations depredations derivations dissertations exhortations federations permutations perturbations privations restorations vocations agitations appellations collaborations crustaceans elaborations lacerations negations palpitations perforations recitations salutations striations collocations deputations educations evocations graduations narrations summations applications observations combinations illustrations publications fluctuations indications innovations sensations accommodations accusations celebrations computations medications motivations reservations revelations violations affiliations consultations destinations dislocations frustrations invitations meditations migrations affirmations compilations estimations habitations inspirations intimations lamentations nominations preoccupations proclamations protestations realizations reputations terminations valuations abominations aggregations amputations avocations dedications deprivations disputations emanations emendations hesitations imputations incarnations indentations modulations provocations recreations replications reverberations tabulations undulations vexations visitations organizations associations expectations implications regulations complications interpretations conversations organisations translations appropriations congregations denominations determinations evaluations formulations fortifications inclinations installations presentations simulations speculations abbreviations constellations designations explorations imaginations malformations stipulations anticipations articulations compensations confrontations exaggerations incantations interrelations machinations tribulations circulations conformations consolations dispensations illuminations imprecations inflammations initiations interpolations interrogations invocations registrations resignations solicitations supplications considerations calculations concentrations explanations negotiations recommendations demonstrations modifications qualifications excavations generalizations approximations civilizations hallucinations ramifications denunciations exclamations justifications ministrations assassinations civilisations exhalations generalisations gratifications humiliations insinuations notifications pronunciations specializations communications investigations manifestations representations examinations specifications transformations classifications configurations accumulations administrations congratulations manipulations characterizations contraindications identifications implementations personifications recriminations rationalizations significations simplifications telecommunications conceptualizations misrepresentations

Consider these alternatives

deportation / operation executions / institutions extermination / information deporting / according emigration / relation persecutions / institutions repressions / presence deported / reported persecution / solution purges / emerges rapes / states demolitions / conditions deportees / these deport / called assimilation / information ghettos / meadows repatriation / relation jews / whose migrations / relations collectivization / situation immigration / relation genocide / side evacuations / relations naturalization / relation raids / states

Words that almost rhyme with deportations

patience basins masons raisins hastens havens ravens occasions impatience abrasions evasions equations invasions persuasions complaisance

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