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Here's what rhymes with dawn.

pawn drawn gone von lawn fawn yawn sawn brawn prawn faun gnawn operon begone tenon thereon whereon exon fagon redrawn chaperon hereon predawn outdrawn undergone withdrawn foregone overdrawn woebegone methadon mastodon leprechaun

Consider these alternatives

predawn / long night / might daylight / playwright noon / moon afternoon / moon raid / made hours / powers sunday / someday eve / leave days / ways raids / states sky / eye woke / spoke thursday / birthday awoke / spoke sundown / rundown day / they twilight / highlight hour / our fire / higher till / will began / can

Words that almost rhyme with dawn

dong pom pong tong long wrong song gong prong thong along strong belong throng ftrong sarong mahjong prolong erelong nightlong dingdong lifelong singsong yearlong livelong

born borne torn porn corn worn horn warn adorn morn mourn thorn shorn lorn scorn sworn unborn reborn outworn forborne lowborn forlorn timeworn unworn firstborn stillborn waterborne careworn forewarn peppercorn sweetcorn unicorn forsworn lovelorn foresworn
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