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Here's what rhymes with afternoon.

moon noon soon tune balloon boon doin dune foon baboon buffoon coon maroon pontoon bassoon loon rune attune goon shoon immune spoon hewn lagoon monsoon platoon saloon shewn strewn cocoon forenoon opportune toluene prune raccoon swoon typhoon tycoon croon jejune lampoon spittoon patroon cartoon honeymoon aucune harpoon dragoon impugn festoon doubloon racoon macaroon inopportune spermatozoon importune picayune poltroon protozoon bestrewn tablespoon dessertspoon trinitrotoluene

Consider these alternatives

thursday / birthday sunday / someday night / might day / they yesterday / day week / weak hours / powers noon / moon hour / our late / great overnight / might days / ways today / day tomorrow / sorrow closed / most here / hear meeting / leading before / for waited / stated came / game month / once midafternoon / afternoon dawn / long ended / presented

Words that almost rhyme with afternoon

whom room assume boom tomb doom womb loom zoom rheum bloom consume gloom perfume broom groom plume fume flume abloom entomb costume resume presume suum subsume legroom foredoom residuum elbowroom strongroom boxroom exhume
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