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Here's what rhymes with brought.

ought wrought aught thought sought taught fought fraught naught taut sot begot bethought rethought snot umlaut distraught overwrought methought juggernaut

Consider these alternatives

came / game bringing / beginning bring / in when / then come / some had / that have / as took / book ago / go been / in has / as later / greater back / black saw / law great / late put / would out / doubt could / good that / at some / from followed / swallowed before / for decades / states this / is there / their from / some because / laws they / say soon / moon him / in them / then then / when so / though

Words that almost rhyme with brought

broad awed laud abroad fraud flawed applaud mod sawed baud clawed fob gnawed thawed daub fop jawed pawed bawd defraud overawed guffawed

lost oft loft court short sort crossed fault port salt talked walked fort launched halt frost tossed vault aloft haunt malt tort coughed gaunt balked chalked glossed taunt wart daunt doffed flaunt hawked jaunt croft vaunt report forced assault default resort sport basalt quart thwart abort dwarfed forked scoffed stalked warped coursed quashed snort corked deport sourced accost caulked honked horsed torched support import exhaust divorced escort distort exalt exhort scorched swamped athwart embossed gestalt outsourced recrossed uncrossed squawked waltzed transport enforced endorsed consort holocaust extort indorsed permafrost comport forecourt reenforced unforced uncorked unhorsed reinforced thunderbolt somersault
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