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Here's what rhymes with could.

good would should wood hood stood immured firewood widowhood ironwood neighborhood likelihood motherhood fatherhood withstood cottonwood babyhood understood brotherhood livelihood womanhood nationhood hardihood maidenhood parenthood unlikelihood bachelorhood misunderstood

Consider these alternatives

would / could might / right if / is likely / unlikely can / an should / would even / leaving able / table will / still be / he did / it they / say because / laws that / at come / some whether / together take / make so / though say / they may / they have / as put / would enough / does make / take to / do allow / how wo / no what / but do / to bring / in possible / impossible any / many unlikely / likely get / said yet / said meant / went never / ever anything / him believe / leave go / no we / be

Words that almost rhyme with could

put foot soot butch putsch afoot clubfoot underfoot tenderfoot

pulled cured lured moored toured assured allured secured ensured insured inured manured endured procured obscured matured reassured tonsured uninsured unsecured
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