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Here's what rhymes with has.

as jazz whereas

Consider these alternatives

have / as been / in had / that though / so that / at which / it although / so ago / go so / though now / how because / laws it / which he / she yet / said both / growth however / never never / ever this / is well / where much / but even / leaving who / to far / are more / or when / then despite / might is / his month / once

Words that almost rhyme with has

have half hath ash ass sash hash gas mass pass path staff cash bath laugh flash wrath bass calf dash math rash cache lash smash chaff harass lass mash slash gash lath thrash class glass behalf grass brass crash graph alas clash trash splash surpass amass bras brash crass giraffe morass impasse aftermath epitaph photograph autograph phonograph paragraph telegraph monograph

adds fans ads halves hangs sans fangs vans hands paths bags valves cans dams flags rags sands slabs calves gangs lads lambs pads pangs pans scans spans tags labs lags rams tabs yams plans lands stands bands clans grams crabs exams clams crags drags grabs grammes canals glands brands strands locales demands commands expands caravans diagrams epigrams understands telegrams kilograms milligrams
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