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Here's what rhymes with auf.

oaf loaf

Consider these alternatives

eine / seen und / and nach / back über / per ein / line dem / some wir / why der / per noch / drug zwischen / position bis / this zu / who zum / some vom / on das / as den / then auch / thought unter / under gott / not drei / they haus / house zwei / way aan / on weg / big sie / he diese / these ohne / own eines / lines sich / sick liebe / each

Words that almost rhyme with auf

oath owes both those shows goes knows rose dose nose arose chose rows pose toes foes hose nos woes cove loath wove doze gauche hoes hos hove loathe lows rove sows wroth noes tows roes beaus close growth drove flows gross grows prose blows oppose stove throws grove clothe froze pros snows crows glows quoth sloth slows throes clove morose troth throve trove sloes stows suppose impose repose strove depose verbose jocose behove adios brioche propose dispose expose ratios compose enclose adipose bestows overdose radios folios inclose engross patios viscose cameos rodeos buboes foregoes forgoes outgrows salvoes foreknows vireos disclose embryos undergoes diagnose studios interpose bedclothes bellicose comatose foreclose overflows varicose dominoes overthrows stereos buffalos dominos interwove nightclothes reimpose superpose cellulose grandiose presuppose decompose undergrowth bungalows transpose underclothes lachrymose plainclothes scarecrows pantyhose recompose predispose juxtapose politicos superimpose discompose mustachios pistachios moustachios portfolios manifestoes archipelagoes nitrocellulose
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