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Here's what rhymes with assign.

fine sign shine thine sine vine sein affine zine line nine mine wine pine shrine spine dine align refine swine tine whine stein aline design divine define confine iodine resign brine supine twine consign malign thymine opine reassign cosign benign cysteine thiamine saccharine enshrine asinine realign superfine decline alkaline dopamine undermine incline atropine palatine redefine redesign underline hyperfine proline anodyne recline waterline calamine entwine interline reconsign borderline turpentine pyridine serpentine centerline exocrine monoamine recombine byzantine columbine crinoline intertwine timberline valentine eglantine celandine crystalline endocrine epinephrine concubine imipramine lacustrine porcupine anticline disincline clementine noncrystalline norepinephrine tetracycline neuroendocrine polycrystalline

Consider these alternatives

assigns / lines assigned / find ascribe / right attribute / group assume / whom allocate / great classify / high identify / high define / design specific / scientific choose / whose appoint / point evaluate / late apportion / portion correspond / want calculate / late compile / while choosing / using categorize / size probabilities / abilities specified / side analyze / size reassign / fine blame / same specify / high delegated / created responsibilities / abilities decide / side designations / relations hesitate / state advise / size chooses / uses responsibility / ability hire / fire memorize / size

Words that almost rhyme with assign

hym heing thyme time lime rhyme dime rime slime beim chime mime chyme crime prime climb clime grime sauteing anteing sublime overtime onetime mistime maritime paradigm anytime lysozyme summertime dinnertime suppertime birdlime begrime pantomime mesenchyme wintertime flexitime

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