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Here's what rhymes with appoint.

point joint adjoint anoint conjoint reappoint outpoint disappoint disjoint bluepoint counterpoint needlepoint

Consider these alternatives

appointing / pointing appoints / points appointed / pointed elect / effect convene / seen oversee / he decide / side successor / never appointee / be resign / fine designate / great elected / expected appointees / these preside / side choose / whose advise / size commissioners / prisoners ask / task decided / presided dismiss / this convened / seemed nominates / states replace / place hire / fire approve / use chose / those select / effect counsel / council investigate / great endorse / course legislature / nature supervise / size chosen / motion propose / those invite / might prosecute / group reappointed / disappointed

Words that almost rhyme with appoint

joined adjoined coined enjoined rejoined conjoined subjoined purloined

joist moist voiced droit adroit hoist soit spoilt avoit foist coiffed coifed hoicked rejoiced unspoilt quoit introit banjoist maladroit
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