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Here's what rhymes with armature.

poor tour jure ture poore boor sure pure honour mature lure nur moor voor cour spoor assure cure manure allure amour detour mesure couture enamour ensure endure insure premature immature brochure impure reassure unsure succour demure rancour tonsure inure immure secure obscure procure miniature demeanour dishonour coiffure paramour embouchure epicure blackamoor misdemeanour

Consider these alternatives

windings / findings coil / oil toroidal / torroidal alternator / later excitation / operation magnetizing / rising inductive / destructive transformer / former electrostatic / dramatic excitatory / story shunt / and actuator / later insulator / later impedance / regions rectifier / fire electrolyte / right axial / coaxial conductive / productive polyphase / days solenoid / avoid autotransformer / former

Words that almost rhyme with armature

pull bull full wool lambswool bucketful pocketful
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