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Here's what rhymes with approval.

removal disapproval

Consider these alternatives

approved / used approve / use approving / moving authorization / education permission / position proposal / social request / best ratification / education regulatory / story consent / went recommendation / operation require / fire disapproval / approval required / acquired fda / a decision / given legislation / education administration / operation obtain / main receive / leave confirmation / information proposed / most plan / an necessary / very permit / which consideration / education legislature / nature formal / normal requires / desires support / called granting / understanding majority / authority seek / speak thirds / words

Words that almost rhyme with approval

rueful crucial occlusal perusal refusal bamboozle protrusile

pupil brutal buccal bugle butyl dural ruble pupal rouble bluegill fuel cruel dual feudal duel futile jewel frugal tubal accrual ducal noodle poodle doodle duple google newel nubile boodle strudel crewel tootle bejewel useful neutral communal fruitful renewal tribunal youthful scruple truthful quadruple cupful tuneful caboodle unfruitful untruthful refuel monsoonal spoonbill scoopful canoodle spoonsful synfuel premenstrual tablespoonful instinctual dessertspoonful tablespoonsful dessertspoonsful
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