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Here's what rhymes with wreath.

teeth sheath heath beneath bequeath underneath

Consider these alternatives

bouquets / days carnations / relations flowers / hours floral / moral bouquet / they memorial / editorial laurel / moral ceremony / testimony laid / made tomb / whom roses / proposes cemetery / very laying / saying commemoration / information plaque / black decorations / relations bedecked / effect headstone / whetstone lilies / series symbolizing / rising decorated / created

Words that almost rhyme with wreath

leave ease leaf lease eve reef leash leas lees lief reeve eave wreathe these peace chief piece trees brief please sees cease fees grief knees beef breathe breeze cheese keys seas seize bees freeze grease niece peas sleeve thief weave geese grieve pleas cleave crease fief fleas fleece frees frieze heave sheaf teas tease flees threes pease sheave tees wheeze seethe hies pees quiche sheathe sleaze believe belief police receive achieve release relief agrees relieve naive rupees apiece appease obese unease lessees skis sneeze unleash serif sprees bereave cerise sarees screes sties disease increase decrease degrees perceive deceive decrees motif retrieve squeeze caprice trainees decease foresees massif referees reprieve chemise mortise palsies trapeze flyleaf overleaf parolees posies soirees surcease tepees debrief tailpiece trochees conceive overseas prestige trustees diocese unbelief dioceses displease grandees grantees retirees addressees altarpiece legatees oversees pastiche returnees chickpeas colonise draftees argosies baksheesh interleave jubilees legalese analyses guarantees indices recognise devotees disbelief appointees emphases nominees attendees detainees disagrees disbelieve harmonise internees isosceles licensees conferees deportees guaranties leitmotif mortgagees amputees antifreeze divorcees dungarees escapees honeybees interweave invitees matinees modernise nobodies patronise undeceive aperitif chickadees cloverleaf debauchees enlistees manatees pharisees expertise manganese masterpiece interviewees centerpiece mantelpiece syntheses absentees franchisees scrutinise abductees bumblebees inductees synchronise hypotheses parentheses appendices consignees antagonise misconceive revolutionise idiosyncrasies

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