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Here's what rhymes with wore.

are or war r ore ar oar rr wor for more your far four door nor car bar core shore bore corps par pour fore por sore jar lore pore roar swore tar tor tore var boar char cor lor mar whore chore dar gar har lar soar tsar voir yore czar foure gore hoar mor sar thar torr hoer floor score store star ashore drawer scar adore afar spore avoir spar ajar crore lvoire snore tzar before ignore bizarre cigar guitar offshore vapour prewar rapport abhor bazaar decor inshore lobar pouvoir savoir galore velar dinar sitar restore anymore postwar histoire antiwar deplore evermore implore caviar senor avatar fourscore furore seafloor abattoir footsore isobar forswore peignoir bedsore disbar foreswore outscore kronur explore reservoir furthermore repertoire seminar commissar commodore dinosaur sycamore threescore cinnabar hardcore herbivore matador scimitar hellebore motorcar nevermore samovar albacore minibar sidecar tramcar millibar omnivore picador handcar heretofore guarantor twentyfour underscore carnivore forevermore superstar theretofore troubadour stevedore escritoire humidor superstore underfloor registrar hereinbefore handlebar battledore tyrannosaur brontosaur conservatoire insectivore conquistador

Consider these alternatives

worn / form wears / self wear / where dressed / best sported / imported dress / less uniforms / forms shirts / words attire / fire uniform / form jeans / means garb / part clad / had boots / groups sweater / better gowns / towns gown / down hat / that shoes / whose camouflage / was

Words that almost rhyme with wore

all wall awl call fall vol ball hall tall col doll haul gall mall mol shawl sol pall tal coll pol qual bawl loll maul moll pawl yawl small crawl stall withal brawl drawl kraal squall thrall trawl appall overall banal befall fmall vagal areal cabal sprawl scrawl sepal recolour baseball ethanol install waterfall aerosol overhaul fascial severall fireball carryall enthrall netball coverall enthral bradawl hairball keelhaul alcohol methanol urethral forestall cytosol volleyball wherewithal gasohol paperboy butterball buckyball plimsoll protocol cortisol cannonball ergosterol racquetball barcarolle cholesterol basketball sepulchral neanderthal

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