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Here's what rhymes with veto.

burrito mosquito bonito graffito incognito

Consider these alternatives

vetoes / mosquitoes override / side approve / use vetoing / torpedoing oppose / those legislation / education authorizing / rising resolution / solution wield / field authorization / education opposes / roses authorize / size proposal / social legislature / nature endorse / course provision / given repeal / deal compromise / size voted / noted bill / will approval / removal approved / used opposed / most council / counsel reject / effect overrides / rights resolutions / institutions unless / less legislative / native

Words that almost rhyme with veto

depot lido reecho cheapo cachepot placebo libido tuxedo torpedo

ego vivo eo eco filo neo geo mio chemo lino wino chino keno amino negro trio casino libro physico primo amigo merino adieux peepshow cassino gismo mestizo peepbo neutrino superhero cappuccino jalapeno maraschino palomino
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