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Here's what rhymes with unfeasible.

feasible freezable squeezable indefeasible

Consider these alternatives

impractical / practical infeasible / feasible feasible / appreciable unviable / double uneconomic / economic counterproductive / productive unwise / size inadvisable / advisable implausible / plausible unrealistic / characteristic unachievable / feasible illogical / logical wrongheaded / longheaded irrelevant / relevant shortsighted / decided unpalatable / charitable superfluous / thus unsuited / routed technologically / periodically unmanageable / manageable unattractive / attractive inconceivable / feasible inexpedient / expedient scientifically / physically politically / critically

Words that almost rhyme with unfeasible

conceivable peaceable appreciable receivable achievable perceivable inconceivable unbelievable believable inappreciable irretrievable retrievable

seasonal unreasonable readable unspeakable reachable unreadable teachable unbeatable uneatable unteachable concealable regional agreeable treatable useable impeachable nonseasonal cleanable resealable unuseable foreseeable redeemable repeatable unimpeachable unforeseeable unrepeatable teacupful irredeemable nonredeemable disagreeable interpretable interregional paracetamol
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