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Here's what rhymes with substitute.

boot doit jute toot root route suit pursuit shoot ut brute destitute astute peut chute fuit loot lute moot bruit doute hoot nuit pollute uproot butte coot newt taproot bluet absolute acute constitute fruit dilute institute mute salute cute flute prostitute solute lnstitute depute beetroot cheroot hirsute reboot scoot permute snoot galoot jackboot gumboot cahoot attribute dispute compute recruit repute commute dissolute impute parachute subacute overshoot volute reroute undershoot bodysuit resolute refute persecute disrepute reconstitute arrowroot confute tracksuit execute prosecute irresolute transmute recompute malamute telecommute electrocute

Consider these alternatives

substitutes / groups substituted / included minute / image scored / called header / better kick / quick substituting / including half / as keeper / leader consolation / information replaced / placed substitution / solution bench / end unused / used volleyed / part trick / sick

Words that almost rhyme with substitute

tube chewed dude dupe poop tattooed tabooed boob booed poohed pooch pooed food attitude loop mood pursued rude soup sued troop allude aptitude brood nude stoop certitude hoop lewd troupe beatitude brewed brooch coop coupe droop rood stewed whoop wooed cooed lube prude shooed stooge blued drupe hooch rube rued stoup goop hootch luge trued mooed bloop rewed caducei group huge viewed crude altitude latitude solitude cube fuch servitude shrewd subdued accrued feud glued elude scoop sloop aliud croup delude endued eschewed hued strewed swoop cued obtrude occlude queued spewed turpitude collude debuted snoop crewed denude indued shampooed canoed clued snood tabued boohooed gratitude multitude renewed amplitude ensued fortitude imbued longitude screwed interlude intrude plenitude skewed subterfuge finitude protrude recoup exude platitude incertitude hallooed paratroop seclude unglued postlude bestrewed slued wholefood scrooge include conclude magnitude reviewed interviewed construed preclude solicitude intergroup rectitude similitude exactitude promptitude regroup unscrewed extrude nonfood ballyhooed exclude ingratitude centrifuge ineptitude decrepitude infinitude barbecued negritude nincompoop dissimilitude pulchritude barbequed curlicued cantaloup flashcube misconstrued curlycued verisimilitude corkscrewed

boost adduced toothed duced duped pooped douched juiced produced reduced deduced stooped looped loosed roofed roost drooped ust cooped trooped hooped proofed spooked whooped educed goofed souped spoofed puked whooshed goosed nuked bucktoothed ruched trouped moussed blooped schussed yukked induced grouped seduced scooped swooped conduced traduced unloosed sluiced spruced fug snooped fireproofed swooshed introduced reproduced rebuked recouped callused waterproofed hiccuped overproduced chorussed outproduced vamoosed futzed sprucest regrouped soundproofed weatherproofed childproofed flameproofed bulletproofed rustproofed bombproofed reintroduced exeunt
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