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Here's what rhymes with strands.

lands brands hands bands glands sands grands demands stands commands expands borderlands understands

Consider these alternatives

thread / said weave / leave woven / chosen interwoven / chosen fibers / writers braided / dated braids / states antiparallel / well beads / needs bind / find hairs / self nucleotides / types interweaving / leaving wires / requires strung / from clump / and nucleic / archaic molecules / schools hair / their wove / both fused / used intertwined / find loops / groups

Words that almost rhyme with strands

plants ants aunts tramps grants lamps pants chants amps ramps camps implants clamps cramps stamps transplants

plans adds ads lads as fans cans clans rags sans lambs pads pans spans drags labs lags rams vans yams bans fads mans trams has paths bags valves dams flags grams halves hangs jazz slabs calves crabs gangs pangs scans tags clams crags fangs grabs grammes tabs bangs cabs cams gals hams jams pals stabs stags whereas locales scabs sepals canals diagrams exams caravans epigrams courtesans diaphragms telegrams histograms rationales kilograms milligrams
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