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Here's what rhymes with spawn.

on don bon aan bonne awn john upon non con yon hon wan han schon swan khan sonne vpon salon baton yuan npon chiffon pecan thereupon echelon forgone hereupon aileron autobahn lasagne whereupon polygon denouement pantheon positron octagon paragon amazon antiphon epsilon tarragon heptagon neocon trimaran upsilon frogspawn lexicon automaton hexagon marathon pentagon carillon cordovan emoticon phenomenon rapprochement pantechnicon

Consider these alternatives

trout / out unleash / leave thrive / live mutant / student estuaries / varies breeding / leading fish / is streams / seems proliferate / state upstream / seem congregate / great creatures / features multiply / apply morph / course mutants / students squid / did shallows / arrows wreak / seek flounder / counter broods / groups

Words that almost rhyme with spawn

bomb palm bom balm tom dom bong com calm mom homme vom nom rom som mam prom suam twang iamb quam aplomb embalm qualm salaam firebomb becalm pogrom supermom intercom consomme cardamom

barn darn tarn yarn
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