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Here's what rhymes with spacious.

audacious herbaceous sebaceous gracious tenacious capacious fallacious vivacious voracious flirtatious salacious efficacious vexatious mendacious ostentatious ungracious loquacious

Consider these alternatives

palatial / racial airy / very stately / greatly suites / needs bedroom / headroom spaces / cases upstairs / self plush / of renovated / dated comfortable / uncomfortable patio / no room / whom adjoining / joining floors / course seating / meeting foyer / employer loft / lost sleek / seek enclosed / most

Words that almost rhyme with spacious

basis bases spaces chases cases places faces phases phrases races traces raises praises vases braces gazes laces mesas glazes fireplaces metastases homeostasis paraphrases

patience anus patients famous stainless aimless heinous hiatus painless bailiffs baseless plainness ageless fracas agents payments courageous impatience cadence nameless outrageous valence abeyance blameless faithless sameness shameless shapeless tasteless waitress faceless lateness straightness weightless statements greatness ancients surveillance ailments contagious fragrance platelets pavements strangeness basements faintness mandamus graceless inpatients advantageous attainments claimants reagents assailants placements repayments vagrants ignoramus quaintness arrangements acquaintance conveyance misstatements engagements displacements replacements complainants complaisance emplacements entertainments disadvantageous rearrangements
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