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Here's what rhymes with somersault.

fault salt assault halt vault basalt malt default exalt thunderbolt gestalt

Consider these alternatives

somersaults / towards dismount / amount flips / its pirouette / galoshe twisting / existing inverted / converted dive / five acrobatic / dramatic lunge / and tuck / drug looping / including flip / it twirl / girl toe / no

Words that almost rhyme with somersault

heart short sort fort hauled fart hart part called court hard start afford apart port sharp chart sport sword cart smart bald walled appalled dart ford forge harp soared thwart tort abort hoard horde mart stalled tart athwart snort wart large support board charge card guard cord lord march poured resort stored yard aboard absorb accord award porch ward barred bored chord escort roared scored starch torch adored barge consort crawled garb gorge marred quart warp abhorred bard carp charred exhort gourd lard scarred sprawled starred drawled fjord floored jarred larch overhauled scarp scrawled sward tarred report toward record regard import installed recalled depart impart distort rampart underscored untoward enthralled extort restart surcharge discharge transport ignored restored reward counterpart enlarge discard implored overboard retard boulevard debarred bombard forestalled overlord recharge explored deplored bodyguard unexplored harpsichord disregard

thought hot sought fought shot soft shocked font haunt hopped sot not want cost got lost forced lot taught bought caught spot stopped talked walked watched adopt locked pot washed knocked wrought chopped dot frost knot rot slot tossed aloft cocked cot dost flocked fraught loft mocked naught popped rocked stocked taut topped tot yacht coughed forked gaunt jot notched scoffed stalked watt allot balked brought marked crossed dropped plot launched marched blocked exhaust forgot parked blot clot cropped propped trot unlocked afterthought barked boxed holocaust parched scorched sparked squat swamped warped enforced prompt divorced commandant confidant detente dwarfed infarct unmarked remarked restaurant embarked endorsed betrothed distraught kilowatt reinforced
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