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Here's what rhymes with sharp.

harp carp scarp tarp

Consider these alternatives

drop / not slide / side decline / line declines / lines steep / deep dramatic / democratic strong / long pointed / appointed slowdown / lowdown slight / right rise / eyes plunge / and reflected / expected fall / all unusually / usually blunt / and cut / but steady / already despite / might unexpected / rejected knife / life slump / and weak / week offset / set turnaround / around reversal / commercial spike / like

Words that almost rhyme with sharp

art hard heart arch fart hart shard part large charge start card guard chart march yard cart smart barred starch barge dart garb marred bard charred lard mart scarred starred tart jarred larch tarred barb chard marge kart parch sparred apart surcharge lolled dogcart dolled regard discharge depart enlarge impart discard retard debarred recharge restart canard overcharge trolled disbarred unbarred boulevard rampart bombard dooryard forepart handcart leotard disregard bodyguard forestalled counterpart calendared lumberyard

shop op hop ope sop top stop pop pomp swamp chop comp cop swap flop mop wasp lop slop romp stomp bop wop drop crop atop prop clop plop nonstop maintop barbershop lollipop tabletop turboprop mountaintop
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