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Here's what rhymes with knife.

life wife rife fife penknife strife jackknife afterlife

Consider these alternatives

blade / made machete / already sword / called stab / at serrated / narrated spear / still swords / towards slicing / rising neck / check chest / best spoon / soon slit / it sharp / part bite / might needle / people slice / price gun / one bladed / dated wound / found blades / states stick / sick

Words that almost rhyme with knife

eyes ice nice mice gneiss ayes five live size lies rise arise vice wise arrive dies rice ties guys buys dive dyes guise thighs dice hive lice pies sighs tithe highs lithe nowise vise byes jive vies whys shies price alive drive twice derive tries cries flies prize demise denies skies slice spies thrive unwise spice surmise thrice dries entice blithe fries plies prise connive ionize trice incise advice device implies applies survive advise analyze strive suffice analyse authorize concise devise relies revise revive summarize excise defies memorize splice belies theorize apprise energize marquise agonize amortize anywise itemize tyrannize otherwise supplies surprise emphasize organize precise comprise minimize replies deprive despise disguise mobilize modifies underlies baptize contrive minimise modernize optimize chastise colonize complies empathize mobilise finalize goodbyes immunize moralize notifies oversize paralyse penalize polarize reprise satirize terrorize unifies vaporize alibis darkies decries idolize mechanize nullifies optimise temporize whiskies exercise enterprise recognize merchandise occupies signifies utilize maximize paradise supervise advertise generalize harmonize neutralize symbolize sympathize synthesize alkalies equalize imprecise jeopardize localize utilise amplifies catalyze customize dramatize economize fertilize formalize improvise initialize maximise normalize orderlies oxidize paralyze patronize socialize typifies verbalize verifies certifies civilize epitomize exorcise fantasize fireflies humanize immobilize legalize magnifies naturalize overdrive sensitize catalyse circumcise eulogize fraternize galvanize hypnotize jeopardise lullabies polymerize pulverize ratifies signalize solemnize terrifies unionize vitalize vocalize sacrifice compromise identifies criticize justifies satisfies specifies apologize butterflies specialize stabilize testifies visualize categorize clarifies classifies criticise familiarize monopolize qualifies rationalize reorganize scrutinize simplifies subsidize antagonize internalize legitimize multiplies publicize purifies standardize sterilize synchronize centralize demoralize evangelize glorifies hydrolyze liberalize metabolize nationalize personalize personifies privatize sanctifies stabilise stigmatize commercialize dentifrice depolarize characterize capitalize crystallize intensifies materialize hypothesize popularize prioritize revitalize actualize democratize metastasize overemphasize philosophize solidifies systematize exemplifies revolutionize contrariwise decentralize destabilize conceptualize
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